Touch the glass window with your fingertips, the sound of hiss and hiss has shocked the fragile heart. The waves of pain come like waves. If such pain can replace tearing the heart and lungs, let him for a long time, so that time will forget me, so that you can hide here, let those weak hands dance, let those fragile and unable to play hard, let that tight heart loose less. Once upon a time, Yiyan was pure and beautiful, as bright as jade. Many people were afraid of losing as if they had found wealth and hugged it in their arms. At that time, I met you as a penitent after baptism. I only knew how to pity the fragrance, but not the jade. No matter how bright it was, it could not cover up the dust on his body. It could not cast you or achieve him. Therefore, it strengthened the dramatic friendship, and the pain was just a simple pain. Some people once said that they would never leave each other without their heads. But after all, a mouthful of empty talk, in a blink of an eye, will throw the other shore. But I always believed it. Then, along the way of chasing, there are many thorns, but they never bow down It turns out that some of the waiting is not worth it. What we have gained over the years is the vicissitudes of the sea. We are just a drop in the ocean. We can't control the miracles and sufferings given by fate. In the face of some, we can do nothing but wait. But waiting needs courage. We should have courage to bear the results that are quite different from those waiting for us. There are many things in the world, such as breakwaters, mountains and mountains, the fame of shaking the world, the prosperity of running water, and the tender feeling.